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Our concept

A veritable modern and casual dining experience with a focus on quality Burgers and craft beer.

THBThe concept

The Huggy’s Bar is an ‘Easygourmet’ concept: diners can expect gourmet quality in a casual atmosphere at a great price.

The Huggy’s Bar is a true Burger restaurant, inspired by the USA with a Belgian twist! We offer a dining experience with a focus on quality Burgers, washed down perfectly with one of our 8 craft beers, selected through Beer pairing for a perfect flavour combination.

We have set created the perfect setting: our customers feel good when they dine with us and leave the restaurant stuffed and satisfied! This is reflected in our friendly and modern service and the quality of the cuisine: honest, generous and thoroughly good.


The idea for The Huggy’s Bar came about when two students met at university. After their studies, they decided to go on a road trip across the United States. When they returned, it hit them that there was no Burger restaurant in Liège with the typical American Sports Bar vibe. And so the concept for The Huggy’s Bar was born.

In September 2012, the first restaurant opened its doors in Liège in a typical old café. The menu at the time listed various dishes: Burgers, salads, typical pub grub, Tex-Mex, etc. But it soon became clear that customers went to The Huggy’s Bar for the Burgers. The menu was then totally revamped to include more than 40 Burgers, from the classics to our original creations.

Following the success of the first restaurant, the two founders decided to open other Burger bars and shifted their focus to franchising the concept.

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The Huggy’s Bar uses a wide range of local Belgian produce as a nod to its Belgian origins – particularly its roots in Liège. This includes Belgian meat, Galler chocolate, Speculoos, Sirop de Liège jam, violet, peket (a fruit brandy) and Herve cheese.

As we value quality and honesty, it goes without saying that The Huggy’s Bar is an environmentally responsible company: we pay close attention to our choice of suppliers so that we can minimise our carbon footprint and favour local businesses.