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The THBEERS family

A craft beer for every Burger!

The Huggy’s Bar wanted to create its own beers that were up to the task of complementing our range of gourmet Burgers. So the beverages had to be of the highest quality and ‘home-made’, so to speak.

We started off this wonderful project by choosing the types of beers that we wanted to brew. We soon narrowed it down to 8 beer styles: a pale ale, a pilsner, a blonde, a white beer, an IPA, a fruit beer, a Tripel and, finally, a stout.

We then had to source the ingredients for each recipe, so that our beers would accompany the taste of the Burgers without overpowering them. With the help of Brasserie C, The Huggy’s Bar ascertained the dominant flavours, strength and character of each Burger, which helped them to determine the ingredients needed for each Beer. This meticulous research has led to the Beer pairing – a key concept behind The Huggy’s Bar – becoming a lasting feature in our Burger bars.

Once the cogs were in motion, the two Liège-based businesses set up a string of meetings, debriefs, and, most importantly, tasting sessions. A few months later, our range of THBEERS were born.


Beer pairing views the meal as a whole and offers recommendations for the perfect Burger/beer pairing. Just like a wine sommelier, a beer sommelier can tell you which beer would match which dish and offer advice to consumers; similar to an oenologist, he or she has an in-depth understanding of the chemical and biochemical steps taken in the brewing process.

‘The beer complements the Burger; the Burger complements the beer and your taste buds are free to run wild.’

A successful pairing should result in the flavours in the Burger complementing the taste of the beer. They should both be equal in terms of their power, strength and balance.


The first beer in the world created specifically to complement Burgers! Amber coloured with a hint of chestnut brown, our THBEER has a slight taste of caramel and a fine, subtle bitterness.

Who is Pilsa ?

Pilsa, our iconic pilsner, is distinctive for her strong base of barley malt, as well as a generous helping of hops to create a bouquet of citrus and spices.

Who is Blondie ?

A true Belgian blonde beer, Blondie is complex, light and delicate. She will win over your heart with her citrus aroma and floral hops.

Who is Rosita ?

Rosita will surprise amateur palates with her sweetness and fruity notes. This rosé beer has the natural aromas of raspberry and elderberry

Who is Shiva ?

A beer with Anglo-Saxon roots, Shiva holds her head high among the crowd of IPAs: she has a powerful, bitter taste in addition to citrus, resin and floral notes.

Who is Trinity ?

Trinity is an authentic Belgian Tripel, powerful and well-rounded, brewed with a significant quantity of barley malt and wheat.

Who is Blackie ?

A powerful and complex stout, with roasted coffee and cacao aromas, Blackie owes her originality to her malty base and Belgian yeast.

Who is Whitney ?

Light and refreshing, Whitney is a white beer par excellence who has been given a modern twist (grains of paradise and a large quantity of wheat) by our master brewers.